Monday, September 12, 2005

Haunted Haight Meets Stanford University :)

I am hoping to post more to this blog for now on. I hope others will join in and do the same. This weekend was an interesting one on the Haunted Haight Walking Tour.
I had a large group on Friday and the great pleasure of having the Hauntmaster and Hauntmistress of on the tour and they did a wonderful review of the walking tour.

Saturday was a Katrina benefit and I was able to raise $150 for the victims down there who’ve been affected by the Hurricane. Thanks to everyone who came out for that!

Sunday was awesome! I had a Stanford University professor and about 17 students on the tour. He teaches a “ghosts in literature” class and part of his course is to take the kids on a ghost tour. I was honored he came on my tour with the students. It was great and everyone seemed very into the many stories I tell. Everyone loves the history aspect of the tour too!

This has been a exciting summer for the tour and I look very forward to Halloween time as more people discover the Haunted Haight Walking Tour. The press has been very kind and I was so excited to win Best of the Bay 2005 with the San Francisco Bay Guardian.


Blogger pisces26 said...

Hi haunted_haight. I've joined this site ('walking group') as I'm looking to start a local walking group. Do you know of any other walking group related sites? Many thanks.

November 11, 2005 at 4:07 AM  
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